New Sexy banner!

OMG Vasia thankyou so much! Im in love with my new sexy banner!

What'da thinkk? x

Glamour is shutting down o.O

NO NO NO!I cannot believe this more and more stardoll magazines are shutting down...that's too bad...One more now...Glamour Magazine...It was one of the best magazines about stardoll and Mario(dodence_bt) is finding this bussiness(stardoll) worthless....LOL

The good thing of this situation is that he shows us some parts of the latest issue which will not be realised...

Covergirl:Hunnigall *once again*

GaGa Magazine^^

''I'am your biggest fan,I will follow you until you love me,Papa Paparazzi''

Sorry for singing ,but I am too happy since Ashton gave me the opportunity to post 1st about the GaGa Magazine's New Spoiler!!It's AMAZING!!

Ashton made it,It's Lady GaGa with the new LE dress!

This is going to tell us that the great GaGa Magazine is going to be realized soon!

I think it will be AWSOMEEEE!