Recherche <---Check the spoiler!!!

I didn't want to ruin this amazing spoiler so I just show you the link! Lily made an amazing job working on her mag's spoiler and all I have to say is that when I first saw it I was speechless!


Voting and Spoiler!!

You can start voting for the Star Awards!!To look at the nominations (click here).
All rules and guidelines are on Cosmic Fever Of Stardoll.


  • You may only vote for the Official Nominees only. Which you can find them on my StarBlog (Star_Awards) too.
  • You must vote for all categories. (If not, your ballot will not count)
  • Once your ballot is complete you must send it to my in box (message) ONLY. Do not post your ballot in my guestbook, club, friend request, etc.
  • You may only fill out 1 voting ballot.
  • All ballots must be turned in by Dec.15th
  • Any questions, just message me (Star_Awards).
Good Luck to all nominees!

Also Fierce Magazine have released
a spoiler..

Take a look.