Stardoll Sensations' Last Season

Seems that Stardoll Sensations is over. Maria (Mimi_Mami) had once said that she wanted to leave Stardoll. No
w she does!

"And I have been thinking of leaving stardoll for quite a while but now with school and everything I finally will. It was fun while it lasted, with of course some ups and downs."she mentioned on her blog.

A major reason for the end of her blog might be the lack of gossip. (She is right! Nothing happens these days!)

This is the end for Stardoll Sensations...

"But oh well, all good things come to an end right? :P"



You should really check this out! Lauren has done great job with this project! I love all of her designs, but those two are my favourites!


Wheres Fiona?

Okay, so do you remember on stardoll a very popular girl called fionamcgonigle? Well, Fiona hasent logged on stardoll for more than a month.

I've noticed she still gets alot of ghestbook comments, but overall I think alot of her friends or people who knew her from broadcasts, or having tons of rares noticed she has left afterall.

Maybe shes doing lots of school work, as once she told me she had to go to work. She may be bored of stardoll, as she isent a young kid.

What do you guys think?

I like this part :P

Well,Recherche Magazine finally realised!Lily always realised her magazine very quickly,for this reason I admire her.This Issue is about school and the covergirl is my bff Kristen(devie44)

GAGA Magazine is not over!YAY!

YES!Ashton did not gave up!Halle/halmonkey3 gave up from GAGA Magazine and know they need more stuff,I think that result must me great!I am GAGA fun ,too!So,GO ASHTON!

Here is the spoiler:

Hacking Show...

Well,If you are wondering for what I am talking about,I can expain you.Today I visited the Fashion Show's Blog and the owner wrote about jobs aplications and she linked us at a piczo site o.O
I know better than anybody that piczo sites are hacking sites,because I got hacked once.This is the reason that she did not write the jobs on blogspot and link us here,i think.So,DON'T CLICK HERE AND IF YOU CLICK CLEAR YOUR COOKIES!