Project Fus!on

Bonamee aka FashiongodS is holding a new project called Fusion.She have not explain us what is it,but propably she will do it soon!For more info follow:

Miss Sixty

Finally after a long time Miss Sixty IS OUT! Not all the clothes of course!


Hotbuys Doll 09

Hello readers, today at 7pm I logged onto stardoll to see a new Hotbuys Doll. I looked at the clothes and was like "OMFG". I have identifyed two of the items so far, and I think these are the most amazing hotbuys yet. Maybe, I dont really know. Here they are.

Louis Vuttion RTW 2009

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

The Stardoll Freak-Show!

Ok well Tyler (Tylerisbold) Asked me to post his blog on some blogs so im being nice and am ;) well anyways, His blog is The Stardoll Freak-Show. He is having a program called "The Fame" Where he is trying to dominate the blogosphere and he wants some followers so PASS THIS FROM BLOG TO BLOG PLS! Thank ya' heres the pick, if you click on it you can get to the blog!