Excuse me?


I can't say I am surprised by Stardoll, but, seriously?
The latest item at Starplaza is a German flag. I have nothing against Germany, but who would wear it??
At least it's cheap and non SS, so if you are desperate for something new to wear buy it. Though, the Red Carpet Style clothes are non SS too.

What do you think?


Gaga Mag Is Over! Curiouser Is On!

Ashton decided to close Gaga Magazine. This is really so sad :( I was looking forward to it and it's over. But he's now making a new one, with the help of Emilie! Below you can see the spoiler!


Designers Comp

Pearls or Pigeons is going to be the virtual 'Project Runway'.All you need to take part is a graphic software, a Stardoll account and a lot of talent! I found this on Avant-Garde Gossip blog!'Can't do graphics? You'll be coached by owner of Roger's Art & Fierce Magazine, a once in a lifetime opportunity you don't want to miss.'



Ever Wondered?

Heey Guys,
Sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been very buzy.

Anyway, Have you ever thought of leaving stardoll?

I just cant imagine myself leaving...

Many of my friends have, such as babii-marie, MissDiorFashion, fionamcgonigle etc

Do you think you will ever leave?