Wall Of Fame

The first Wall is out now! Check it out at http://thesdhalloffame.blogspot.com/

Check the names below:
  • 1.Tyler(tylerisbold)
  • 2.Alice(Hunnigall)
  • 3.Style(Style_Magazine)
  • 4.Charlotte(N1mka4eva)
  • 5.Jenna(Emorox4eva)
  • 6.John(John2_el_mejor)
  • 7.Vanessa(Star_Awards)
  • 8.Mel(bluegreen86)
  • 9.Mario(Dodence_bt)
  • 10.Caroline(looc123)

What do you think? You're in there? ♥


The gossip still FRESH!

First of all,Fierce Magazine realised yesterday:)The covergirl is wylie1995 and she is stunning in the cover!Alice made absolutely AMAZING graphics with every detail.For more look at :fierceproductions.blogspot.comFrom the other side,Star_Awards/Vanessa decided to host Star Awards!YAY!I really cannot wait for this,it must be great.Btw join the official clubs which owns to Star_Awards!HURRAY:)