Pretty_Megan-9 Is So Pathetic

Okay so listen. Me and Megan had a fallout a while ago, and I cant believe a girl like her was so nasty deep deep inside.

Firstly, She made an account to contact my user and say rumors about me. Such as.. I only think about CG, Im a ugly bxxtch, and so on!

Secondly, She posted a complete fake thing on her stupid blog saying I said comments in her chat when I hardly ever visit her unpopular blog.

People think shes a lovely, sweet, PRETTY, Girl. Shes won CG 5 Times. She said to me, I Love myself!

I Really am sick of popular stardolls who think there famous, when they were soo last year!

Thanks guys, Please dont disagree or make silly comments. I Just said what I had to say. Simple! :)

Issy, xo

B is for Balmain

*update* the dress is actually part of the new LE collection.
Check out the whole collection. 


Hey guys! Sorry for not posting lately, but I'm really busy...
Anyways,  just felt like I had to show you this.

I'm pretty sure it's Balmain. What do  you think?
I think it's hot! Can't wait to buy it!


New SS Doll - Marlene Dietrich

Hey guys! i logged on SD and saw a new SS doll Marlene Dietrich!
I made the skirt shes wear BTW but theres a pic of her doll face and,
her clothes look at the pics bellow!