A Comp Win 25 sds here! SS ONLY!

I am having a comp just for you Hellians! Ok well who ever wears the new HB ballon dress the best wins 25 stardollars. Its really simple here are the directions:

1. Sign your username in the comments
2. Go to the starplaza and buy it!
3. Accesorise and make your medoll match


..The Dress..

New Banner

Hey Hell guys! I'd love to introduce you my new great banner, made by Vasia! Well, I wanted something like the picture below...A 'Bella' banner! So here it comes! Vasia thank you so much for your hard work! I really love it! <3


Party/GaGa Magazine

Party Again!At -Pop_Tart-'s gb ...I must say that the invitation is a shit...yeah...blah..Anyway Emily hopes you will come...LOL

From the other side,Ashton thinks to close GaGa Magazine...I think it is not a good thought,since this mag will have success.This is the cover from the 1st issue.The covergirl is wylie1995!It's FAB!

Stardoll Breaks

MissDiorFashion, a great person on Stardoll decided to leave stardoll and never come back! But 'never say never' sweety! Anyway...We'll miss you Roisin!

boowow_1998 left stardoll too...I don't really care 'cause we weren't friends...But...Bye!

'I have better things to do'...these were her last words before she left stardoll forever. Better things??Like what?

Maria, another great friend decided to have a long break from her virtual life and she doesn't even know if she will ever come back. From her presentation we can see that her main problem is the lack of time.. Bye Maria. Hope you come back one day :)

Like many other 'elites' do, Eftychia wants her own break too. 'There's a possibility to leave and I'm still think about it' she wrote in her presentation.
Picture from vasia28.