Which Side?

Vasia's side:
Runway Magazine made its debut with the a winter issue which had been released in January 1st.I can say it was successed and the whole team (Me,Lily,Reira etc) were extremely happy about it.We were planning the 2nd issue harmonically with many new talented workers and we were sure that the 2nd issue would be 10 times better than the 1st one.
Suddenly,A Saturday evening that Reira caught me online on msn,told me that she had bad news.She said that she would quit Runway after the 2nd issue,because she would be extremely busy with school and she would be absent the whole summer.I was so sad,but I still had Lily.
The following Saturday,I talked with Reira on msn and she told me that Lily was going to quit after the 2nd issue,too.I was depressed and I decided that I had to close the magazine after the 2nd issue.I talked with many friends about it and one of them was Mary who was a shoulder to cry on.Mary told me that when Runway would be over,I could work for Eternity.That made me so happy and I was not as sad as I was before.The following weekend,everything was getting worse.Reira seemed angry about the miscommunications and she was behaving kinda rude to everybody around her.On Monday,I talked with my friend Kristen on msn and she told me that reira told her that she had to be happy,because Runway was over.I did not believed her,since she lies a lot and the following day,I saw a guestbook comment by Reira which said that Runway is officially over.Attention!She didn't say that she quit,she said that the magazine was over.I was too sad,but I accepted it.All those things made me feel awful without power to continue.I talked to Mary and she was so kind to me and she made me feel kinda happy,since I joined Eternity.The bad thing is that I had to quit Cyanide,as hard as it was I did.I so love Yasmin and I felt so bad by doing that.She was extremely kind to me and she told me that she could understand and that she was going to shut down Cyanide,anyways.
I was&I am happy working for Eternity like I love doing it,but I was in trouble without knowing it.Reira started hating me,because of my achievements,I guess.The biggest surprise was when I logged into my blogger and seeing that I was just an author in Runway Blog.That made me so mad and I asked Reira to explain.She told me that she made the whole magazine and ,since I work for Eternity it was not mine.WTF!She quit.Lily was going to do it as well.Who is the owner???Helloooo??????She told me that if I continued asking her to make me admin again,she would removed me from MY blog forever.Of course,I did continue and as an example of an egocentric person,she removed me...
I was like she would regret it....The following day I had a huge fight with her on msn.She was like I am a dictator,I am radical person,You are the bitch,Vasia ect
Then,she told me that she would give me my fucking blog without her graphics...Can you guess what than means???Yeah,she is going to delete the whole magazine very very soon.She also attacked my BFF Stephanie who was in the conversation.She also made a starblog entry which contained a hate text about me in Chinese,guys!In Chinese!How ridiculous!Lily is with her side and she told me that Reira is about to continue the magazine with a new team.OMG,WHAT??If she said that earlier,everything would be changed.Later,reira made a ''black list'' in her starblog with people who you must avoid.This list includes me,N1mka4eva,Rachweee123,Devie44 etc.

Reira's side :

Okay so, yes I removed Vasia from the Runway Magazine blog. Because she does not deserve to be the admin of the magazine I worked so hard on. And yes, I worked very hard on it. Most of the pages were made by me. Vasia did contributed with ideas and outfits, but what do you think is harder to do? Find pictures online or actually drawing the pictures?
Then yeah blah blah blah... I don't want to continue and Lily's got Recherche so I called the second issue off. Then Vasia became part of Eternity. Personally, I don't know why Vasia wants the Runway blog since she's not going to add anything and she can't since she has no photoshop.
The part I'm most angry about is the lies she told. I never called her any bad names, I swear. The reason I'm not on MSN is because my desktop computer is unusable. The reason I removed Vasia on my friend list is because I don't want to receive her "Mails of Terror. The reason why I put Rachweee123 and N1mka4eva on my "Black List" is because they accused me of stuff when they never heard my story.
And about my diary entry that I typed in chinese, am I not allowed to express my feelings? It wasn't even a hate message, besides, how good of a translator is Google? If anyone wants to know, I can translate my own diary into english.
Finally, I never attacked anyone or cursed at anyone. My "Black List" is not a hate list, it's a list of the people whom I think I should avoid.

What do you guys thinks?
Who you think is right??