Lily's statement and mine.

First and foremost I want to say this is NOT a publicity stunt. I am not that type of person. The story is simple. I logged into my account to find a swarm of messages from my great friends telling me that my entire magazine issue has been leaked. Needless to say, I was ****ed off. I haven’t the faintest idea on how this girl got all my images unless she hacked into my image hosting account. Whatever the case, it was a terrible and *****y thing to do.

I told my staff I wanted this to be the issue they remember. And it is, but not in the way I wanted. I worked 3 months on this issue. I really wanted to impress people, to show them that I can improve. And all that went up in smoke.

I was really angered. Ask Colleenballeen (my BFF!!!) she let me rant and rage all I wanted. She worked very hard on this magazine issue as well as Daisy-Croatia (Danka). All our hard work – completely ruined.

I had everything planned. Colleen and I were going to have a release part. I was going to make a best-dressed list, give gifts for contests and celebrate a good time. They may still be a party but not the one I wanted.

I guess I’ve written enough. All I want to say to TheStardollBook is that I don’t seek revenge. I’m not going to go off and insult you. Unlike you, I’ve got maturity and sadly people are low and scummy. Oops I said I wouldn’t insult. It slipped. ;)

Please look at the correct site and comment on that site. It would mean a lot. Thank you all my friends for supporting me.

Okay,,, everybody knows now what happened to Lily (doinker_chic) But I have my own words..

First off The Stardoll Book is just another wannabe gossiper which to be honest will NEVER HAPPEEN!! She is just a dumb person that has nothing better to do!!

Now, Lily is extremely angry and upset and it WAS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE THINKING IT!!

ALL OF US ARE UPSET AND MAD. But, Recherche shall now carry on and we have released the issue earlier than expected.

I let Lily got mental and she totally agreed that girl is a wannabe so I want get something straight



Recherche leaked ?!

Yes it's true Recherche Magazine was leaked. Apparently, The Stardoll Book got her hands on the pictures and decided to annoy Lily-Rose by uploading them. If you look at the website I am apart of the staff and I was utterly shocked and upset at what had happened. I have messaged Lily-Rose telling her what I found. And hopefully she will say something. Also I emailed Danka (daisy-croatia) telling her what had happened and she is very upset.

So I have one more thing to say: The Stardoll Book I am appalled at what you have done and you should be ashamed. Lily-Rose didn't give you permission to do this and still you did it!

So anyways here is the cover.


Yasmin's Party..

Last night Yasmin (yazzieblue) threw a party for Cyanide Magazine release. I have to say it was a good party with singing dancing and drinking. After the release the party went quiet but, a few people came back and it restarted with more enjoyment. I left the party and returned only a half hour later to find the party was quiet. Anyway, the party was brilliant!! And I love the magazine.

I give the magazine 5/5 for graphics, writers and models.

Colleen xoxo