The Stardoll Hall Of Fame:''Are you ready to this?''

Obviously this famous ''Wall'' is coming soon,since this ad is the ''MUST'' post on stardol blogs at the moment.To be honest,I'd love to see how much ,will influence stardoll.It seems that The FreakShow by TylerisBold is going to replace Perez Hilton and why not The Stardoll Hall Of Fame A-list?We should make a new begging ,since thee old sd world ruined.GO MARY KATE!

My Convo with Perez: ''PEREZ HILTON IS OLD NOW''

MEOW!Today Perez came online after long time.Fortunately,I was online,too.We had a short conversation,we discussed about Halloween and other things,when I asked her about the famous blog ''Perez Hilton Of Stardoll''.I asked her if she will continue it...She said that she will NOT and that is old now.People enjoy reading it and all miss it,this blog has never been boring or something.


Heey, sorry everyone I Havent posted recently.
Im quite buzy atm. As you've noticed.