Posing Medoll Tutorial

Stacey and several others have asked me to make a tutorial on how some designers pose their medolls from sites like I-dressup.com. So 3 hours later, I present my tutorial! Please read everything, it will explain it all. :) Enjoy!

[It is a very BIG image, I always work large in Photoshop. It may take a bit to load.]

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You can see it also my tutorial website here with all my other tutorials:




Surely,you have noticed that a new ''talent'' realised on stardoll.Fayasi told me today that this girl is just a copier and she sent me this website:http://paperfashion.wordpress.com/2009/04/

I was suprised when I see it....Now Seriously,could you believe that a 12-year old girl can draw that well.?I don't....Stardoll staff is kinda retarded,obviously ;)

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