Twilight Scenery

Twilight is the movie that affected almost every teenager all over the world. More and more clubs are about Twilight and it's characters have been created. Members get ispired from this movie and design amazing T-shirts and dresses! Others make their suite look like Twilight's backgrounds like Bella_La_Swan, EdwardEdward and ImAliceCullen who are famous for their suites! But the sceneries are the best! Look at this scenery! (I found it at Jenna's blog).

It's a scene from the second book of the Twilight Series, New Moon. Allice has a vision of Bella, who jumps of a rock, trying to have fun...For more information about the story...Read the book!
Anyway, this scenery is great!Congratulations to the owner!


Congrats Wooldoor!

I Just want to say, Congratulations wooldoor for being offered to write in the stardoll magazine. Its an amazing chance to increase your writing, and I really think you should take the offer! Also, your writing and graphics is very good so well done :)

Project Fus!on

Bonamee aka FashiongodS is holding a new project called Fusion.She have not explain us what is it,but propably she will do it soon!For more info follow:

Miss Sixty

Finally after a long time Miss Sixty IS OUT! Not all the clothes of course!


Hotbuys Doll 09

Hello readers, today at 7pm I logged onto stardoll to see a new Hotbuys Doll. I looked at the clothes and was like "OMFG". I have identifyed two of the items so far, and I think these are the most amazing hotbuys yet. Maybe, I dont really know. Here they are.

Louis Vuttion RTW 2009

Alexander McQueen Resort 2010

The Stardoll Freak-Show!

Ok well Tyler (Tylerisbold) Asked me to post his blog on some blogs so im being nice and am ;) well anyways, His blog is The Stardoll Freak-Show. He is having a program called "The Fame" Where he is trying to dominate the blogosphere and he wants some followers so PASS THIS FROM BLOG TO BLOG PLS! Thank ya' heres the pick, if you click on it you can get to the blog!

Whats up with the CG's lately?

Whats up with these CG's lately?! I mean really?!?!? Look at this one for todays- 9/24/09.
I say congrats but WTF?! Ok well i wanted to say on saturday probably or Oct-8-09 i will run to give a good CG lol but pls vote me when i run! I would appreciate it! Heres a pic of todays CG..

DKNY Cheat?

Okay so today I was buzy, and I came across a blog. I was suprised at one of the entrys, it was actually kinda amazing! Was it a cheat, or glitch?

I Think it was a glitch, but it certainly was amazing as normally when you want to buy something again it says ALREADDY BOUGHT Or sumin like that.

What do you think?


Hey!I think you know that I am making,I decided to make a graphic's blog...the link is : Could you follow plz?

Btw I made to day this graphic !This is Ashton with the new LE clothes!The make-up is inspired by lady gaga (love game) I am sorry that you cannot see it well!


LE Review

LE was released yesterday, but I was asleep when it was released. So I came on today after school to see it was released on The Stardoll Insiders. I quickly zoomed to the LE Shop to see the Moschino Bow Dress I am wearing in my header was gone. I was abit angry, but I was so happy to see that my favourite dress out of everything was still avaliable. The blue balmain dress, as seen on Lady GaGa. When I tried to buy it, it said 'Out Of Stock'. This happened with all the dresses except the purple sweater one. I hate it, but I bought it, and I think it will be an investment. Anyways, I bought all the leggings except the black with pink laces one, because it was out of stock. Overall the shops new layout looks amazing, and I managed to get a few things. (Leggings, topshop shoes, necklace, sweater, arm band, lace top.) I'm posting this to give a review on some of the beautiful items in the shop, and soon I will make a post of 'Who Whore It Best' Here they are. Enjoy.
The clutch is amazing, overall there is nothing much to say about it, but it deserves an 8/10.

As like the first season of LE, these leggings are wonderful. A must have for your stardoll closet. They're not better then the first seasons. But the end of the leggings are amazing. I think they're a tiny bit better then the first seasons. Out of 10 they get a 7.

These shoes are amazing, the quality is awesome and I love the colour used. The silver at the bottom of the shoe is an amazing texture to the shoes. Overall they get a 9/10.
Oh my gosh, what can I say about this dress. I love it, its amazing, it was the first LE to run out. Its Moschino and its lovely. 10/10. Amazing.

Okay this was another amazing dress LE released. Its Balmain and its seen on Lady GaGa on the beach. I love this dress, but what did you think of it? I want to know everyone's thoughts on it? Did you like it as much as I did. This wonderful dress gets 10 out of 10.

More Coming Soon, on the LE Review.

Photos from Seen On Stardoll,
Thanks for identifying these.

Ashy_Loves_You @ The Stardoll Hell

Hello readers,
here. I'm the new writer on The Stardoll Hell, and also the blogs graphic designer. I will bring all the fashion trends, gossip and all the latest news on GaGa Magazine, which will be out sooner then you think.
I will also be making exclusive graphics for the blog, not for any where else.
Well thats all for now, tell me what you think. Should I stay or go?

New Sexy banner!

OMG Vasia thankyou so much! Im in love with my new sexy banner!

What'da thinkk? x

Glamour is shutting down o.O

NO NO NO!I cannot believe this more and more stardoll magazines are shutting down...that's too bad...One more now...Glamour Magazine...It was one of the best magazines about stardoll and Mario(dodence_bt) is finding this bussiness(stardoll) worthless....LOL

The good thing of this situation is that he shows us some parts of the latest issue which will not be realised...

Covergirl:Hunnigall *once again*

GaGa Magazine^^

''I'am your biggest fan,I will follow you until you love me,Papa Paparazzi''

Sorry for singing ,but I am too happy since Ashton gave me the opportunity to post 1st about the GaGa Magazine's New Spoiler!!It's AMAZING!!

Ashton made it,It's Lady GaGa with the new LE dress!

This is going to tell us that the great GaGa Magazine is going to be realized soon!

I think it will be AWSOMEEEE!

Pretty_Megan-9 Is So Pathetic

Okay so listen. Me and Megan had a fallout a while ago, and I cant believe a girl like her was so nasty deep deep inside.

Firstly, She made an account to contact my user and say rumors about me. Such as.. I only think about CG, Im a ugly bxxtch, and so on!

Secondly, She posted a complete fake thing on her stupid blog saying I said comments in her chat when I hardly ever visit her unpopular blog.

People think shes a lovely, sweet, PRETTY, Girl. Shes won CG 5 Times. She said to me, I Love myself!

I Really am sick of popular stardolls who think there famous, when they were soo last year!

Thanks guys, Please dont disagree or make silly comments. I Just said what I had to say. Simple! :)

Issy, xo

B is for Balmain

*update* the dress is actually part of the new LE collection.
Check out the whole collection. 


Hey guys! Sorry for not posting lately, but I'm really busy...
Anyways,  just felt like I had to show you this.

I'm pretty sure it's Balmain. What do  you think?
I think it's hot! Can't wait to buy it!


New SS Doll - Marlene Dietrich

Hey guys! i logged on SD and saw a new SS doll Marlene Dietrich!
I made the skirt shes wear BTW but theres a pic of her doll face and,
her clothes look at the pics bellow!


Sorry but my Devilish gossip skills at school take most of my time! Ok!

Great surprise for her "fans"! Kasia (UndamyUmbrella) turned her hair brown!!! We were used to her blonde hair and now this big change!

And someone here gets fake accounts! (Ok we all have 10-15 fake accounts) Kasia made one fake account, named Kasia too (UndermyUmbreIIIa) and comments her gb giving comliments to herself!!

Why did she made an account exactly like her main one? Why didn't she made one with another name?


devie44 is my name!

Hello Stardoll Hellians! This is devie44 im the newest Hell writer! Sounds exciting right?!?! Well, it is! I hope that ya'll can treat me with some respect and stuff or else you will go to HELL! No im kidding treat me how you want i dont care like me or don't!

I come from my blog: i am the owner i got invited to work here so i accepted i thought it would be an amazing oppertunity! Well i mean i am from hell.!



Tommorow (Thursday 17th Sep) Im aiming for covergirl. I'd like as many people to help me achieve this, as its been a dream for ages. I came 2nd place a few weeks ago, which was an honour, but I want to suceed and come 1st!

Please vote me 5/5! Im not BEGGING You, but it would really help! My stardoll acc is Muffins0012 BTW!

Thankyouu, xo

Felomine Spoiler

More and More Magazines...Now a new mag by Catarina is coming...


OMG! Im so angry!

WTF! Todays covergirl, was so.. dissapointing. I was trying to become CG, And now some.. freaky creep was it.

Mmm'kay, I may sound harsh but this defently isent a covergirl! Obviously just needs money!

Anyone agrees?

Stardoll Sensations' Last Season

Seems that Stardoll Sensations is over. Maria (Mimi_Mami) had once said that she wanted to leave Stardoll. No
w she does!

"And I have been thinking of leaving stardoll for quite a while but now with school and everything I finally will. It was fun while it lasted, with of course some ups and downs."she mentioned on her blog.

A major reason for the end of her blog might be the lack of gossip. (She is right! Nothing happens these days!)

This is the end for Stardoll Sensations...

"But oh well, all good things come to an end right? :P"