It's the REAL Fame Monster.

Yes, I'm the new writer. Don't like it, I don't care. I don't have a banner currently, so I will be using this edited picture of Lady Gaga starring as the Fame Monster(:
Yes, I realize it looks like she had her period, but it's blood...not vag blood. Please visit my blog Femme Gaga ( Thanks, love you!


Sorry for lack of posts ;) Just a quick update, new DOT makeup is released! It's got some lovely browns and yellows--very autumn-y ;)

And take a look at these dazzling spoilers! So many pretty dresses! (thanks insiders!)


Also a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :)

Gift from Stardoll.

Stardoll have decided to be nice!
They're giving out free trees! The gold ones are superstar only but, if you upgrade before the 25th of December you can get it! And the other one is free and you don't need superstar.

Also I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving!! :) (I don't celebrate it but I just wanted to say it to everyone )

Colleen xoxo