Stardoll Royalty


Several members, including myself were invited to an "elite" club. Here's the low-down:

-If you were not invited, it is most likely because you haven't spent a long time on Stardoll.
-You haven't bought many Stardoll memberships/stardollars.

What you get:

-You get access to new items before other members
-You get free gifts monthly
-You get access to new features (such as extra rooms etc.) before the "minority" does

Seems unfair? Before you go on a rampage, remember that this is a BUSINESS. If you pay, you get extra rewards. Simple as that. ;)

There WAS a cheat to get into the club and it NO longer works. Stardoll deleted any members that were found to have slipped into the club uninvited. :(

Your thoughts?