Recherche <---Check the spoiler!!!

I didn't want to ruin this amazing spoiler so I just show you the link! Lily made an amazing job working on her mag's spoiler and all I have to say is that when I first saw it I was speechless!


Voting and Spoiler!!

You can start voting for the Star Awards!!To look at the nominations (click here).
All rules and guidelines are on Cosmic Fever Of Stardoll.


  • You may only vote for the Official Nominees only. Which you can find them on my StarBlog (Star_Awards) too.
  • You must vote for all categories. (If not, your ballot will not count)
  • Once your ballot is complete you must send it to my in box (message) ONLY. Do not post your ballot in my guestbook, club, friend request, etc.
  • You may only fill out 1 voting ballot.
  • All ballots must be turned in by Dec.15th
  • Any questions, just message me (Star_Awards).
Good Luck to all nominees!

Also Fierce Magazine have released
a spoiler..

Take a look.

Similar dresses?

Stardoll have turned an LE dress worth 275 sds into a 13 sds bisou dress with only different colours?! Okay, I bought the dress but, it is nice don't you agree? The bad part is that over 400 people bought that dress and a similar one came out justs months after?

Leave your comments below stating how you like, hate or disagree with stardoll selling two similar dresses but with extremely different prices

Credit to Stardoll's Most wanted for the picture

Colleen xoxo

D magazine's spoiler ;)

Fashion Show.

When the hell this show is going to start?

credit:Haus Of Sin

Dkny Release..

Dkny is out! I have to say it is utterly fabulous! I just have a few words to say:: Go and buy now!!!

Bye and Happy Shopping
Colleen xoxo


New DKNY coming soon! The clothes are in the spoilers Lily posted about earlier. The clothes are fabulous, and I LOVE them. What are your opinions about the new DKNY? It seems to have a great luxury feeling about them. The Miss Sixty sale could also mean that new Miss Sixty is coming, but it is probably not because the Miss Sixty Fall line is also released.
The dress and shoes for The Stardoll Royalty Club will come out next week.

It's the REAL Fame Monster.

Yes, I'm the new writer. Don't like it, I don't care. I don't have a banner currently, so I will be using this edited picture of Lady Gaga starring as the Fame Monster(:
Yes, I realize it looks like she had her period, but it's blood...not vag blood. Please visit my blog Femme Gaga (femmegaga.blogspot.com) Thanks, love you!


Sorry for lack of posts ;) Just a quick update, new DOT makeup is released! It's got some lovely browns and yellows--very autumn-y ;)

And take a look at these dazzling spoilers! So many pretty dresses! (thanks insiders!)


Also a very Happy Thanksgiving to you all! :)

Gift from Stardoll.

Stardoll have decided to be nice!
They're giving out free trees! The gold ones are superstar only but, if you upgrade before the 25th of December you can get it! And the other one is free and you don't need superstar.

Also I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving!! :) (I don't celebrate it but I just wanted to say it to everyone )

Colleen xoxo

Stardoll Royalty Spoilers!

Okay, remember the club Stardoll Royalty? For those who don't remember each, member of Stardoll that was superstar or was important on Stardoll was invited to an exclusive club where you get surprises.

Well here are spoilers for the "surprises"

Colleen xoxo

Credit to Stardoll Gossip Mania

Introducing: Colleenballeen

Hello I am Colleen aka Colleenballeen. I am 12 years old from the little country of Ireland. I am so thrilled to be givin' this opportunity to be a writer. I have loved Stardoll for years now and hope I always will. I am love talking and making friends so feel free to chat with me. I love dancing drawing clothes. To blogging, I will bring gossip, tips and more. That's all to say!

Thanks Love You!
Colleen xoxo

Star Awards Voting!

The Official Nominees are now ready to be revealed. The voting will start on 24th of November!I am in the category social butterfly,I wil be glad if you vote for me thanks:)
Best Female Medoll of the Year

Best Male Medoll of the Year

Best Dressed Medoll of the Year

Best Suite of the Year

Social Butterfly of the Year

Best Magazine of the Year
Eternity Magazine (eternitymag.wordpress.com)
Glamour Magazine (stardollglamourmag.wordpress.com)
Fierce Magazine (fierceproductions.blogspot.com)
Eccentric Magazine (eccentricmagazine.blogspot.com)
Style Magazine (stylemagazine.wordpress.com)

Best Blog of the Year
Stardoll's Most Wanted (hotbuysbazaar.blogspot.com)
The Stardoll Insiders (thestardollinsiders.wordpress.com)
Seen on Stardoll (seenonstardoll.blogspot.com)
Perez Hilton Of Stardoll (perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com)
The Stardoll Freakshow (thestardollfreakshow.blogspot.com)

Best Graphic Designer of the Year

Special Achievement Award

Tyler's party

Yesterday Tyler had a party to celebrate the 100 followers of his blog! I have to say that it was a really amazing party! Ι hope everyone had a great time. Τhere were some briliant personalities also there such as Alice, Nicole, Bailey, Reira, Charlotte a lot of people! Everyone was drinking, and dancing when suddenly a small fight begun between Emily and Alice which culminated in bloodshed (my source is not sure about that and I lost that part xD If anyone knows something contact us). Anyway, everyone ended up dancing on the tables and Tyler announced The Freakshow Awards, as I said to the post below. If you weren't there, you missed all the fun!

If you were there, what do you think of the party?

Freakshow Awards

Seems that Tyler wanted to announce this big event officially! So I was at his party when he said about that!!The Freakshow Awards coming soon! Stay tuned for more details!

Your opinion?


Tyler is organizing a party to celebrate 100 followers!

Eternity is back.

credits:Haus of Sin.

Blog Makeover.

The blog is under construction!More new features coming soon ;)

Stardoll's Newest Gossip's Review

Fever_Cole is back and hosted a party,where writemarycat and DanPuffs were flirting.From the other side Mary came back with a new project and at the moment N1mka4eva,Youlovelorie,hrvatica_97 and Angeliiicaaa__ are surely in it.Mary propably doesn't mine about Dora's and Angelica's fight in the past,since she wants both of the in the team.

Secondly,Tylerisbold and -Pop_Tart- seem mad with nojarama.Nojarama said that there is no reason about Tyler's bad behaviour to him,but seriously who believe him?!?I know him very well and he always starts all the shit.

If you haven't see,PerezStarGossip the past 3 days,is online.She talked to me and I should say that is one of the kindest users on stardoll.Hopefully,she is back,too,since so is DanPuffs.

To sum up,this week there are two new openings.Star_Awards,Nojarama and MadWorld opened a blog called ''Comic Fever Of Stardoll'' .From the other hand Guaggi,Hunnigall and again Nojarama opened a blog called Haus Of Sin.Both of them are obviously Gossip Blogs,but Haus Of Seen seem something more attractive and I think that will be suprised of this blog.We must just wait.Btw Star Awards's voting ended this week and now we are waiting for the results.;)

Writers Needed!

We are searching for some new writers at the moment who must be active.
If you want to be one send as an article about stardoll gossip at : thestardollhell@hotmail.com.

btw don't forget to leave comments and follow the blog it's so important for us!


It seems that the good old days at Stardoll re coming back!
Recently we lost a number of personalities from our virtual life. Danpuffs, fever_cole and PerezStarGossip are now back!
And we expect things to become more and more better.

Initially, I saw it at Mary's (writemarycat) presentation and now the same at Lorie's (youlovelorie) and Charlotte's (N1mka4eva).

A new mag... What could it be?

Welcome back Fever!

While some members come and go, οthers leave permanently and others come back ...
There are some 'constant values'!You remeber Fever_Cole? This amazing, fun girl with her night club? She won 3 awards at Star_Awards on March 2008. She was away from the virtual life for a while but now she is back again!

What do you think?

Danpuffs is back!

...and prepares a good fashion show along with Mel (bluegreen86) and Vanessa (Star_Awards) as they're the most fashionable girls on Stardoll, a Best and Worst dressed list!

But more than three people are needed as judges. So Danpuffs gives you this great opportunity to be one of the judges of the "red carpet"

What you have to do is contact Danpuffs and say why you think you could be one of the judges.

Try it! It could be you!

Your thoughts?


New Banner!

Thankyou to the Amazing Vasia, for making this wonderful banner. I Adore it. Dont you?

Stardoll Royalty


Several members, including myself were invited to an "elite" club. Here's the low-down:

-If you were not invited, it is most likely because you haven't spent a long time on Stardoll.
-You haven't bought many Stardoll memberships/stardollars.

What you get:

-You get access to new items before other members
-You get free gifts monthly
-You get access to new features (such as extra rooms etc.) before the "minority" does

Seems unfair? Before you go on a rampage, remember that this is a BUSINESS. If you pay, you get extra rewards. Simple as that. ;)

There WAS a cheat to get into the club and it NO longer works. Stardoll deleted any members that were found to have slipped into the club uninvited. :(

Your thoughts?

Hunnigall is throwing a party.

I am so so so so so..........sorry=(

I won't come.I can't understand why people throwing parties late...Alice is bed time for me :/

Maybe another time ;)


[No Banner]

Okay, Now stardolls been weird. For the uk if you buy with phone or text, £1.50 you get 55 stardollars, but only two weeks of membership! WTF?




Take a look at the new Kohls preview! What do you think?

Comments? Click to enlarge :)

New Spoiler of Cyanide;)

The newest spoiler of Cyanide realised!And I am so happy about it!Me and Yasmin are working very hard and soon the winter issue will be realised.
In this spoiler we choose as a model xLou26. What do you think?


Feast your eyes on this! Need I say more? John held a wonderful party, and the magazine is amazing.


Posing Medoll Tutorial

Stacey and several others have asked me to make a tutorial on how some designers pose their medolls from sites like I-dressup.com. So 3 hours later, I present my tutorial! Please read everything, it will explain it all. :) Enjoy!

[It is a very BIG image, I always work large in Photoshop. It may take a bit to load.]

--> Here is the Direct Link <--

You can see it also my tutorial website here with all my other tutorials:




Surely,you have noticed that a new ''talent'' realised on stardoll.Fayasi told me today that this girl is just a copier and she sent me this website:http://paperfashion.wordpress.com/2009/04/

I was suprised when I see it....Now Seriously,could you believe that a 12-year old girl can draw that well.?I don't....Stardoll staff is kinda retarded,obviously ;)

Migliukee for Stardoll

Smell the roses in this collection!
It's very Haute Couture but pricey!
Your opinions?

[Made banner finally too!]


I Was crying for hours!
I Dident even give my password out, till I Tried logging on and couldent access my fav account. The hacker is on my account (muffins0012) this is the third day now.

Im scared, and upset.
The hacker was making out she was me, but I Was shocked she knew my full name and where a live.

She said to my bffl Gemmapywell, Its her birthday she got a phone. WTF! I Dident.

Stardoll sent me a new pass, but The hacker changed it asap.


Happy Birthday Muffins0012

Happy Birthday Issy! :D


The Stardoll Fashion Show


Cyanide's Spoiler/Influence's Realising Party

Finally,Cyanide's Spoiler is out and I am too happy about it!I am glad we have a spoiler like that and not like the 1st one idea which was awful...Tthe result I think is amazing and soon the new issue will be realised.The owners of this magazine are Yazzieblue,Vasia28(me) and Miss-Sophia!

From the other site,Influence's Realising Party is on the way,since in on Friday.I must say the the invitation is really good and attractive.I can't wait for the 1st issue :).The owners are:John2_el_mejor and Wylie1995 :)