BFFs, friends, couples and of course weddings! This is what is going on on Stardoll ! That seems to be the main subject of then invitation below! Seems that Ado is the man of Kristen dreams who fall head over the heels in love with him!Maybe he is the best bet for her! So they decided to tie the knot and let all of us know about that!

I'm really SICK of all these silly wedding stories on Stardoll... I mean come on guys! Take things easy! Ok forget it! I'm not going to go to this wedding! And I'm not going to be in any other weddings on Stardoll, neither on my wedding (just kidding!I'm not going to get married on Stardoll!)

Dear Kristen,

I know that you're gonna be sad because I won't be there but please! Don't cancel your wedding for me sweety! Hahaha!!!


Comp-Win $ and Rares

Your personal devil or your personal angel? I don't know either! What I know is that I'm here to make you both suffer and happy!

This time I decided to make a competition and one lucky reader will win amazing gifts! (Yeah, I'm "playing" the good girl right now!) Well you know I've got soul too, but you can find it hidden "deep inside me"!

Ok let's don't waste our time!
First af all it's a new monthly top commentor comp! The reader who mades most of the comments will win 67 $! Secondly, there's a raffle comp! What you have to do is invite your friends to follow the blog and the winner of the raffle competition will win a rare DNKY Chunky Scarf !

It's the first time I'm so nice so get the chance to win!


Mediocre or Different?

And yes I was wondering what is Different in this Magazine...Can anybody answer me please?

I must wait 20 freaking bored days to see this!

What do you think about the spoiler?It is a nice copy for a real magazine,but I cannot remember which :S

Anyway,I really admire Milena and she knows it!

From the other side ,all are wondering who is the covergirl who poses for the cover...hmm...I really don't know!

Do you have any ideas?


Guess who's here.

As Vasia had once put it 'Love me or hate me? I don't mind.'
I'm NessaRosebleed (or Lauren if you like) and I'm a new writer for this amazing blog.
I will try to post regularly about the latest gossip.


ps. Thanks Vasia for the cool banner.

Fashion Show For Freaks?

YEAH,YEAH!New Project,This Spoiler is not Good for something like that,I think must be something minimal and modern...THIS IS KITCH!
I really want see the continue of it,must be intersting...

Well,shanelrouge- presents it...

Who is she??

Anyway here is the linkyy:


Yesterday,Finally Eccentric Magazine realised ,but the party canceled at the last time.

Rude Vanessa!
Anyway,We ''shalowed'' this and we looked at the result of Eccentric's Team hard work!

I think this issue is AMAZING!