Gemmapywell! - Bestie, to worstie.

Okay, this is creepy.
Me and my mate Gemmapywell were best friends on stardoll.
Now, we've turned to evil enimies. Now she tells me she hates me!


Okay, it may sound Im the bad one. But, isent it right to vote your best friends if they want to support you?

Shes always saying, 'duh issy no need to ask I will' with her 'Gay' spelling way: Duuhhh,, Issyy babeeyy noo needd I wwiiill hunneehh bunneeh'

Now, she turns against me.
She reported me. Im reported.
She dident block me. I Stopped being her friend,
I waited to see if she would send me a request.
- If she does I will let this blog know btw.

Its so creepy, people always hide the truth. Sad eh?

Issy, xoxo

Devie44,Vasia28&Reira422 Preseant..Runway Magazine/Spoiler/Applications

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Well,Me ,Kristen and Reira decided to create a new magazine called RUNWAY.Every Issue will be inspired by a fashion designer and almost the clothes will be re-designed.
This is the first spoiler.The model is Kasia(UndamyUmbrellla) and was going to be the covergirl ,too,but she suddenly left :(
Hopefully this magazine will be successed..The first issue propably will be realised at late Christmas.

At the moment I need more staff like :


-Fashion Director

-More Graphic Designers (since it will be hard)

I f you want to apply please contact me on vasia28 and show me a small piece of your work .