Angeliiicaaa__ and N1mka4eva- Swedish Twins Or Practical Jokers?

What was making 'em Skype and MSN convos start this/last month? The return of Eternity? The end of The Stardoll Freakshow (I WILL post about that! Today eating sushi distracted me though :D) The confusion of the new SD-Trendsetters? Okay, all that stuff was causing a stir, but one rumor that stuck was the one that mentioned Angeliiicaaa__ and N1mka4eva as Swedish twins!

Now, Charlotte's Swedish is pretty fluent, and we have no proof that she is actually English as she has never shown voice clips, whereas Angelica is definitely Swedish, but only these two comments from both sides could prove anything:

Angeliiicaaa__: "Vi är tekoppar :V"
N1mka4eva: "Vi är bättre än er. Två av det bästa som finns, kan det blir bättre? Nej. We're lovely people :D"