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Fierce Magazine (

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The Stardoll Insiders (

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I give my congrats to all winners and to all nominees. Sad thing was that it was the last star award ever!! It will be missed. The party was good with drinking changing clothes and the best dressed comp by PSG which hasn't been posted yet..

Yet again Congrats!!
Colleen xoxo

Last Chance!

Sorry to interject, just getting the word out. :)

Last chance to apply to be a candidate for the January/February of Recherche! If you haven't done so already, go to this link:

Use the form given, fill it out and post it in the comments of that post linked above. ;)
Also, please make sure you have done all the requirements.

Thanks and good luck all! The nominees for the voting polls will be up in a few days, so hurry! :D