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Stardoll's Newest Gossip's Review

Fever_Cole is back and hosted a party,where writemarycat and DanPuffs were flirting.From the other side Mary came back with a new project and at the moment N1mka4eva,Youlovelorie,hrvatica_97 and Angeliiicaaa__ are surely in it.Mary propably doesn't mine about Dora's and Angelica's fight in the past,since she wants both of the in the team.

Secondly,Tylerisbold and -Pop_Tart- seem mad with nojarama.Nojarama said that there is no reason about Tyler's bad behaviour to him,but seriously who believe him?!?I know him very well and he always starts all the shit.

If you haven't see,PerezStarGossip the past 3 days,is online.She talked to me and I should say that is one of the kindest users on stardoll.Hopefully,she is back,too,since so is DanPuffs.

To sum up,this week there are two new openings.Star_Awards,Nojarama and MadWorld opened a blog called ''Comic Fever Of Stardoll'' .From the other hand Guaggi,Hunnigall and again Nojarama opened a blog called Haus Of Sin.Both of them are obviously Gossip Blogs,but Haus Of Seen seem something more attractive and I think that will be suprised of this blog.We must just wait.Btw Star Awards's voting ended this week and now we are waiting for the results.;)