Runway Release Party

Vasia, Reira, and I invite you to the official release of the Winter Issue of RUNWAY MAGAZINE!

I can honestly say we are all so excited for the release. It'll be an unforgettable night.

My New Project!

 My New Project..
Contact me for more info or join the club TheWorkers

Colleen xoxo

Tyler's Party Recap!

Last Night Tyler held a party. It was brilliant with LOVEYOULORIE as dj and NOJARAMA as waiter. The party went very fast. Tyler had two announcements. One: Pearls or Pigeons will be back with new all new contestants and the second annoucement was that him and Mario (dodence_bt) will be starting a new project that nobody knows about yet.

Of course there was fights with Mary (writemarycat) and Alice (hunnigall) had a fight. Glamour1 and Charlotte (N1mka4eva) has a fight. Fashion.Fantasy was being rude to guests.

So the party wasn't dull and now all that is left is the Best Dressed List.

So where you there?
And what did you wear?

Colleen xoxo

Happy Christmas !!

Happy Holidays Guys!Hope you got lovely presents and had a great time!! I know I did :)

Blog Soon,
Colleen xoxo


Fierce and IT line Released!

Well the long waited for Fierce magazine Dec issue was finally released. Good job Alice!

Tylerisbold also released his new IT line. Many were dissappointed but some of his avid followers liked the line. Here's a pic of some of the items:

What is your thoughts?

Congrats to both for their releases :)

Fierce's Realsing Party&Tyler's Clothing Line :)

Today's the Fierce Realising Party and after it,it'll be a party at Tylerisbold's guestbook,because he's going to realise his new clothing line :)

Runway Magazine Spoiler!

Star Awards

Best Lady Medoll of the Year:

Best Guy Medoll of the Year:

Best Dressed Medoll of the Year:

Best Suite of the Year:

Social Butterfly of the Year:

Best Magazine of the Year:
Fierce Magazine (

Best Blog of the Year:
The Stardoll Insiders (

Best Graphic Designer of the Year:

Special Achievement Award:

I give my congrats to all winners and to all nominees. Sad thing was that it was the last star award ever!! It will be missed. The party was good with drinking changing clothes and the best dressed comp by PSG which hasn't been posted yet..

Yet again Congrats!!
Colleen xoxo

Last Chance!

Sorry to interject, just getting the word out. :)

Last chance to apply to be a candidate for the January/February of Recherche! If you haven't done so already, go to this link:

Use the form given, fill it out and post it in the comments of that post linked above. ;)
Also, please make sure you have done all the requirements.

Thanks and good luck all! The nominees for the voting polls will be up in a few days, so hurry! :D

Star Awards Party!!

Yay!! It's here.
Okay so, It's on TONIGHT (my time)
The Red Carpet is set at Star_Awards scenery page.
The Ceremony is at her guestbook and you MUST add her to get in.
And Finally the Party is open for all at CosmicScene page.
Wear: Fashion Attire and The Best Dressed List is by PerezHiltonofStardoll

I hope to see you there
Colleen xoxo

Style_Magazine Not Coming Back?

Aww, I thought her mag would be part of BVSB :(

Click to enlarge.

And btw, Perez's Heroes and Villans party is currently happening in PerezStarGossip's GB, get on a rad outfit and go there!

Angeliiicaaa__ and N1mka4eva- Swedish Twins Or Practical Jokers?

What was making 'em Skype and MSN convos start this/last month? The return of Eternity? The end of The Stardoll Freakshow (I WILL post about that! Today eating sushi distracted me though :D) The confusion of the new SD-Trendsetters? Okay, all that stuff was causing a stir, but one rumor that stuck was the one that mentioned Angeliiicaaa__ and N1mka4eva as Swedish twins!

Now, Charlotte's Swedish is pretty fluent, and we have no proof that she is actually English as she has never shown voice clips, whereas Angelica is definitely Swedish, but only these two comments from both sides could prove anything:

Angeliiicaaa__: "Vi är tekoppar :V"
N1mka4eva: "Vi är bättre än er. Två av det bästa som finns, kan det blir bättre? Nej. We're lovely people :D"



Gooo! Items are going very quickly. :)

The Stardoll Party Scene Returns!

Sorry, no banner, I'm not on my laptop :D

With the whole "Bring Vintage Stardoll Back" thing everyone's been yakking about, there are bound to be a few parties. Whether or not BSVB have been the influence for the recent circulation of parties, I have no idea, but what I do know is that Hunnigall is here with a new nightclub!

Perfectley named "Spice Nites" these parties are going to be hot! I missed the first party (was on the 11th) but I can't wait for the next! Also, you can suggest party ideas. (See her blog for deatils)

Thoughts and opinions? Did you attend her first party?

Hopefully all these parties are a nudge to TheSweetEscape- to make a comeback! And btw, soon there will be a highly anticipated "Heroes and Villians Party" hosted by PerezStarGossip ( no definate date has been decided)

x Gemma

PS: don't you just love a bit of GaGa? And does anyone know what '"treggings" are? Looklet confused me :S

Danpuffs deleted?!

Yes, it's true Danpuffs of perezhiltonofstardoll has been deleted from Stardoll.

Sorry to hear about this..
Colleen xoxo

Haus of Sin

Haus of Sin is getting restored, Mia is already searching for writers.
Sorry for not posting.


--> Click Here <--


Check this out! You can now host professional parties! :)
Perfect for Recherche, right? Sadly only Stardoll Royalty members can host a party, but they can invite anyone. (Only ten though)

Thoughts? I cannot wait! :D

Hey There!

Hey! I'm a new writer for Stardoll Hell. My name is Gemma and my username is stargrl_999.
Soon I'll be gossip blogging and all that stuff ;D
I'm 13 and from Australia, can't wait to chat to you all!
And btw, thanks to my friend Mary-Kate (marikate14) for the awesome banner!

Haus Of Sin ending?

Well today I was surfing blogs and found on Haus Of Sin a post from Mia . Apparently Mia and Chace had a fight over Mia getting fired and Chace was the cause. Long story short it caused friction on the blog. Read Mia's first post.

Then Chace has his say.

And it ended with Alice and Chace quiting.
Now Mia is on her own.
Will she continue the blog or will it end?

Colleen xoxo

Lily's statement and mine.

First and foremost I want to say this is NOT a publicity stunt. I am not that type of person. The story is simple. I logged into my account to find a swarm of messages from my great friends telling me that my entire magazine issue has been leaked. Needless to say, I was ****ed off. I haven’t the faintest idea on how this girl got all my images unless she hacked into my image hosting account. Whatever the case, it was a terrible and *****y thing to do.

I told my staff I wanted this to be the issue they remember. And it is, but not in the way I wanted. I worked 3 months on this issue. I really wanted to impress people, to show them that I can improve. And all that went up in smoke.

I was really angered. Ask Colleenballeen (my BFF!!!) she let me rant and rage all I wanted. She worked very hard on this magazine issue as well as Daisy-Croatia (Danka). All our hard work – completely ruined.

I had everything planned. Colleen and I were going to have a release part. I was going to make a best-dressed list, give gifts for contests and celebrate a good time. They may still be a party but not the one I wanted.

I guess I’ve written enough. All I want to say to TheStardollBook is that I don’t seek revenge. I’m not going to go off and insult you. Unlike you, I’ve got maturity and sadly people are low and scummy. Oops I said I wouldn’t insult. It slipped. ;)

Please look at the correct site and comment on that site. It would mean a lot. Thank you all my friends for supporting me.

Okay,,, everybody knows now what happened to Lily (doinker_chic) But I have my own words..

First off The Stardoll Book is just another wannabe gossiper which to be honest will NEVER HAPPEEN!! She is just a dumb person that has nothing better to do!!

Now, Lily is extremely angry and upset and it WAS NOT A PUBLICITY STUNT FOR ALL YOU PEOPLE THINKING IT!!

ALL OF US ARE UPSET AND MAD. But, Recherche shall now carry on and we have released the issue earlier than expected.

I let Lily got mental and she totally agreed that girl is a wannabe so I want get something straight



Recherche leaked ?!

Yes it's true Recherche Magazine was leaked. Apparently, The Stardoll Book got her hands on the pictures and decided to annoy Lily-Rose by uploading them. If you look at the website I am apart of the staff and I was utterly shocked and upset at what had happened. I have messaged Lily-Rose telling her what I found. And hopefully she will say something. Also I emailed Danka (daisy-croatia) telling her what had happened and she is very upset.

So I have one more thing to say: The Stardoll Book I am appalled at what you have done and you should be ashamed. Lily-Rose didn't give you permission to do this and still you did it!

So anyways here is the cover.


Yasmin's Party..

Last night Yasmin (yazzieblue) threw a party for Cyanide Magazine release. I have to say it was a good party with singing dancing and drinking. After the release the party went quiet but, a few people came back and it restarted with more enjoyment. I left the party and returned only a half hour later to find the party was quiet. Anyway, the party was brilliant!! And I love the magazine.

I give the magazine 5/5 for graphics, writers and models.

Colleen xoxo

Party Time!

YAY!IT'S TIME!On Saturday,you should all come to yazzieblue's guestbook where it will take part Cyanide Magazine's Realising Party:)You must wear winter clothes and come in a good mood ;P See you there :P