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Btw I made to day this graphic !This is Ashton with the new LE clothes!The make-up is inspired by lady gaga (love game) I am sorry that you cannot see it well!


LE Review

LE was released yesterday, but I was asleep when it was released. So I came on today after school to see it was released on The Stardoll Insiders. I quickly zoomed to the LE Shop to see the Moschino Bow Dress I am wearing in my header was gone. I was abit angry, but I was so happy to see that my favourite dress out of everything was still avaliable. The blue balmain dress, as seen on Lady GaGa. When I tried to buy it, it said 'Out Of Stock'. This happened with all the dresses except the purple sweater one. I hate it, but I bought it, and I think it will be an investment. Anyways, I bought all the leggings except the black with pink laces one, because it was out of stock. Overall the shops new layout looks amazing, and I managed to get a few things. (Leggings, topshop shoes, necklace, sweater, arm band, lace top.) I'm posting this to give a review on some of the beautiful items in the shop, and soon I will make a post of 'Who Whore It Best' Here they are. Enjoy.
The clutch is amazing, overall there is nothing much to say about it, but it deserves an 8/10.

As like the first season of LE, these leggings are wonderful. A must have for your stardoll closet. They're not better then the first seasons. But the end of the leggings are amazing. I think they're a tiny bit better then the first seasons. Out of 10 they get a 7.

These shoes are amazing, the quality is awesome and I love the colour used. The silver at the bottom of the shoe is an amazing texture to the shoes. Overall they get a 9/10.
Oh my gosh, what can I say about this dress. I love it, its amazing, it was the first LE to run out. Its Moschino and its lovely. 10/10. Amazing.

Okay this was another amazing dress LE released. Its Balmain and its seen on Lady GaGa on the beach. I love this dress, but what did you think of it? I want to know everyone's thoughts on it? Did you like it as much as I did. This wonderful dress gets 10 out of 10.

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