First Post! :D

Recherche magazine is out now!
A really amazing spring-prom issue with great graphics and well-written articles! You can visit the mag here: Recherche Magazine

I was surprised when I saw that my doll was modeling for this issue! (Thank you so much Lily!For that and for being my friend :) )

The party for the magazine is still on so if you're not there yet, don't miss a second! :D
There will be a Best Dressed list after the party at Lily's blog!

Your thoughts?



After a really big break from my virtual life I decided to come back :D
I missed the friends I made here and my lovely blog. I was in form time to time but only
to check if everything is alright with my account and everyday I was here to check my block :)

And I decided to return to my virtual life...

I was thinking of a make over here but I'm not sure yet.
Let's see how it things are going to be here :)