After a really big break from my virtual life I decided to come back :D
I missed the friends I made here and my lovely blog. I was in form time to time but only
to check if everything is alright with my account and everyday I was here to check my block :)

And I decided to return to my virtual life...

I was thinking of a make over here but I'm not sure yet.
Let's see how it things are going to be here :)



44nicole44 said...

I thik a make-over wuld be great idea, a wa to say that your blog is back and ready to shine x

victoria0926 said...

I think that a makeover is a fabulous idea! When you leave a blog or your virtual life for a while, people forget about your blog. Some people don't check all of their blog updates and disregard the ones from blogs they forget about. Try setting up a campaign and give it to a few other popular blogs to post about, and that should get your hundred or so followers to read and some new ones into the blog. Also, I did the same thing, and when I came back, I erased all the old posts from my blog. It symbolized a new start. You should do it, too. Come back better than ever!

goldy-fish said...

Welcome back Stacey!