Wall Of Fame

The first Wall is out now! Check it out at http://thesdhalloffame.blogspot.com/

Check the names below:
  • 1.Tyler(tylerisbold)
  • 2.Alice(Hunnigall)
  • 3.Style(Style_Magazine)
  • 4.Charlotte(N1mka4eva)
  • 5.Jenna(Emorox4eva)
  • 6.John(John2_el_mejor)
  • 7.Vanessa(Star_Awards)
  • 8.Mel(bluegreen86)
  • 9.Mario(Dodence_bt)
  • 10.Caroline(looc123)

What do you think? You're in there? ♥


The gossip still FRESH!

First of all,Fierce Magazine realised yesterday:)The covergirl is wylie1995 and she is stunning in the cover!Alice made absolutely AMAZING graphics with every detail.For more look at :fierceproductions.blogspot.comFrom the other side,Star_Awards/Vanessa decided to host Star Awards!YAY!I really cannot wait for this,it must be great.Btw join the official clubs which owns to Star_Awards!HURRAY:)

Free Imagine Dress!

[Ugh, gotta make a banner! xD]

Get this free dress using the instructions above!

The Stardoll Hall Of Fame:''Are you ready to this?''

Obviously this famous ''Wall'' is coming soon,since this ad is the ''MUST'' post on stardol blogs at the moment.To be honest,I'd love to see how much ,will influence stardoll.It seems that The FreakShow by TylerisBold is going to replace Perez Hilton and why not The Stardoll Hall Of Fame A-list?We should make a new begging ,since thee old sd world ruined.GO MARY KATE!

My Convo with Perez: ''PEREZ HILTON IS OLD NOW''

MEOW!Today Perez came online after long time.Fortunately,I was online,too.We had a short conversation,we discussed about Halloween and other things,when I asked her about the famous blog ''Perez Hilton Of Stardoll''.I asked her if she will continue it...She said that she will NOT and that is old now.People enjoy reading it and all miss it,this blog has never been boring or something.


Heey, sorry everyone I Havent posted recently.
Im quite buzy atm. As you've noticed.

Get Ready For Hell!

[Banner Soon!]

Hi readers!
Stacey and I are back on the road to friendship. ;) She has let me become a writer of this fabulous blog! I've been a fan of this blog since the beginning. It's unique and entertaining as well as informative.
So expect the unexpected here. I hope to bring my own twist to the evil and hellish tales of Stardoll. Are you ready?

Lily Rose

Different Mag

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I made a post on the D mag? Let me remind you the story, when the magazine finally, wouldn't be published on the predetermined date, and Monroe decided to make 4 issues per year, an issue for the winter, one for spring, one for summer and one for autumn. Seems that we hadn't to wait so much as we just received a teaser from the owner!

It is a simple title for one of the articles. The question is how unique and special is that makes you wonder what will be the following?

"Christian Louboutin and the Red stiletto"

Interesting title , don't you think?


from the Stardoll Freackshow

Influence Magazine's Spoilers;)

OMG!Some spoilers from INFLUENCE MAGAZINE realised!John(John2_el_mejor) obviously did amazing work.I have not seen something like this until by this way Influence Magazine will be successful.INFLUENCE Magazine will be realised soon so be patient.

The details in very shoot impressed me.Keep doing the best work,John!

xox-DIOR-xox -New Edition/New Burn Book;)

I had emailed xox-DIOR-xox and I asked her about stardoll burn book and YAY!I GOT A REPLY!She told me that the old one closed and she is making a new one...more drama?more fun? SURE!
Then I visited her and in her presetation she wrote about it.A NEW BURN BOOK IS ON THE WAY!
Stylist Comment:Darling,I think that you don't care about your appereance....so....I made you look like an indian :D

Gemmapywell! - Bestie, to worstie.

Okay, this is creepy.
Me and my mate Gemmapywell were best friends on stardoll.
Now, we've turned to evil enimies. Now she tells me she hates me!


Okay, it may sound Im the bad one. But, isent it right to vote your best friends if they want to support you?

Shes always saying, 'duh issy no need to ask I will' with her 'Gay' spelling way: Duuhhh,, Issyy babeeyy noo needd I wwiiill hunneehh bunneeh'

Now, she turns against me.
She reported me. Im reported.
She dident block me. I Stopped being her friend,
I waited to see if she would send me a request.
- If she does I will let this blog know btw.

Its so creepy, people always hide the truth. Sad eh?

Issy, xoxo

Devie44,Vasia28&Reira422 Preseant..Runway Magazine/Spoiler/Applications

(Click to Enlarge)

Well,Me ,Kristen and Reira decided to create a new magazine called RUNWAY.Every Issue will be inspired by a fashion designer and almost the clothes will be re-designed.
This is the first spoiler.The model is Kasia(UndamyUmbrellla) and was going to be the covergirl ,too,but she suddenly left :(
Hopefully this magazine will be successed..The first issue propably will be realised at late Christmas.

At the moment I need more staff like :


-Fashion Director

-More Graphic Designers (since it will be hard)

I f you want to apply please contact me on vasia28 and show me a small piece of your work .


Opening a mag!

Like many others, I have decided to open my own magazine for Stardoll with some my friends. Always a first time for everything!But I need help! What I need is writers and graphic producers!So if you want to help me contact me in my guestbook or leave a comment below!Ιf you want to be one of the writers come to my guestbook and I will inform you about what is needed.Now if you want to be one of the graphic producers leave me a comment below or on my guestbook with a link to see something from your work !This is the first spoiler of my mag!My first issue will be ready around Christma
s.No more infos!


The new Burn Book

We all remember the infamous burn book of Stardoll,owned by xox-DIOR-xox where many "elites" were it's "victims"!Well someone thought to create a "successor" of this blog, so created a second Stardoll Burn Book edition of 2009!Now, it's victims are Fakeshake3,Keira-V,Isabella.Arci, and Noelle_Page. The release date will be around Halloween and the link will be posted here http://thestardollspy.wordpress.com/ and it will be about 3-4 pages long!


Halloween Party

The fraud Stardoll

Remember those wonderful days where Stardoll was a part of creativity and fun?The days before Stardoll become a part filled with abuse and fraud and sexual statements. What we see now on Stardoll, is arrogant people who criticize everything! 'The people who work for Stardoll are séxist, greedy little pigs who overprice skimpy clothing, take advantage of little girls and allow people to "rate" each others dolls based on how attractive they are'.
This was a small part of what KASIA says in her presentation.Βut the problem is that we all know that is right and we all ignore it!
So the problem will grow and we won't be able to ignore anymore.And the question is, what will happen then?


New banneer!

Thanks so much vasia I love it to bits!

Fashion Style! Day 1 - Sequins

So, yesterday I said I Would do a suprise magazine.
This one is about fashion all around the world. Different patterns and colors.
Heres a sequins one for today!

Like? x


Omgg. Sorry Guys!
I've been so buzy recently, And couldent work on the blog. Anyways, Im going to be posting lots more. About haloween, True covergirls, youu no. Bits and bobs! And my shoe magazine is coming during December. So.. I Have a Magazine issue released everyday from Today (16th October) - 18th Novemember.

Its starting tommorow! Hope you like it. (Youu WILL)

And I WANNA SAY, The other day I Dident win CG. So Im giving it a break now. And going when I Get my Years Membershipp. xx

Official Spoiler of Curiouser

The official teaser of Curiouser Magazine finally realised.I must say that is AMAZING,especially the dress,btw the 1st spoiler was very unattractive:(The model is Hunnigall and the spoiler made by Ashton and Molly :)

Eccentric in Stardoll Magazine :O

Today I checked the top spot topic and the Eccentic club and it has a link of the Blog Stardoll Dose!

When I saw the new post I said just OMG!Star_Awards must be so proud ...Eccentric will re-published in Stardoll Magazine!


My First Graphic

Hey Hellians! I just wanted to show you my first graphic pic! I really tried hard to make it!

So what do you thing?


Baby Phat!

BABY PHAT :D Wow we've been waiting for this for a long time, am i right? Well here it is pic your fav's from each picture tell us in the comments which is your favorite..

The Stardoll Hall Of Fame/New Project/Party


A new project created named ''The Stardoll Hall of Fame''

From the Invitation I think is a blog like A-list ,the same kind!I think will be awsome ,so on 10th of October wear your gown and GOOOOO!

FOR MORE VISIT: http://thesdhalloffame.blogspot.com

Eccentric Magazine...

...Getting ready for it's next October, Halloween issue. It's the magazine that will always leave you breathless when you read it. Is it the amazing graphics? The well-written articles? I don't know either! After the unique Saptember issue, Vanessa and her team is back this October with this spoiler that makes you wonder what's in store for us!

We don't have the official release date yet. I'm looking forward to it!

Spoiler was taken from The Stardoll Freakshow.


Shoe Magazine!

This is my first ever magazine issue, which will be coming very soon! The graphics is going to be good, etc! Its what us girlies love SHOES!

Excuse me?


I can't say I am surprised by Stardoll, but, seriously?
The latest item at Starplaza is a German flag. I have nothing against Germany, but who would wear it??
At least it's cheap and non SS, so if you are desperate for something new to wear buy it. Though, the Red Carpet Style clothes are non SS too.

What do you think?


Gaga Mag Is Over! Curiouser Is On!

Ashton decided to close Gaga Magazine. This is really so sad :( I was looking forward to it and it's over. But he's now making a new one, with the help of Emilie! Below you can see the spoiler!