Different Mag

Do you remember a few weeks ago, when I made a post on the D mag? Let me remind you the story, when the magazine finally, wouldn't be published on the predetermined date, and Monroe decided to make 4 issues per year, an issue for the winter, one for spring, one for summer and one for autumn. Seems that we hadn't to wait so much as we just received a teaser from the owner!

It is a simple title for one of the articles. The question is how unique and special is that makes you wonder what will be the following?

"Christian Louboutin and the Red stiletto"

Interesting title , don't you think?


from the Stardoll Freackshow

Influence Magazine's Spoilers;)

OMG!Some spoilers from INFLUENCE MAGAZINE realised!John(John2_el_mejor) obviously did amazing work.I have not seen something like this until by this way Influence Magazine will be successful.INFLUENCE Magazine will be realised soon so be patient.

The details in very shoot impressed me.Keep doing the best work,John!