CG Cheat!

CG= Fame and Money!

But when those two are comming we forget all about friends and we don't care for anyone else
but ourselfs! A course infored me that Alex (vnvi) created 600 accounts just to vote himself
(and others as Alex said) CG! Alex also said that he helped Eftychia (Marsal15) to become
CG on her day, with those accounts and that she was supposed to help him on his day too!
And the next day Alex claims that he used those accounts to help Vasia (vasia28) and she
reached the second place witch is totally NOT true!

The whole CG thing makes us egoists.People fight against their friends and, cheating them spend tons of money...

Looks like this gets worste from years to years and people become more addicted to this!



I'm Back!!

Your Gossip Davil is back from holidays!

That means.......More gossip and news for you!!!

Get ready.......!!!!


Tyler is not with Britney

Exactly...Seems that Tyler is angry and tired of this gossip thing!
He claims that he is not with Britney and that there never was a realationship between them

"Britney and I are Not dating. Get that trought your small braind. Britney and I are close, close friends. One day - when we were talking on Gmail, we came across the idea to have funny nicknames. Sothat's what we did. AND THAT MEANS WE'RE DATING?"

I think that this is a really good excuse and it seems true!

So what do you think?



Tyler's Top Trends closed!

Yeah exactly! Tyler (Tylerisbold) is closing his blog Tyler's Top Trends
He wrote the following post!

"I'm not 'elite' so stop acting like I'm a 'rude elite' - I'M NOT. I never knew where my projects would take me. I mean, think about it. You all built me up to success, then you watched me fall. It's sick. Anyone who hates me. Get over yourself. There's no room for haters in the world. Non. I may have friends who consider themselves elite, but that for sure doesn't make me one. Nor does it make me want to be one. I'm a normal Stardoll member and I would love to be treated like one. Don't judge me before you talk to me. I'm not rude unless you give me a reason to be. Request me, talk to me. Lets be friends."
Im his blog he says that he is not deleting the blogand that he may back it private in the future.



Gossip Girl or Gossip Boy?

Tyler was planning to make something, a gossip blog probably? But it seems that he changed his mind, or he's just planning something secretly! Something that no one wants to to know, since everybody is talking about his idea for a gosip blog! But what's the truth?
Gossip Girl keeps talking about Tyler and the whole thing
all the time! But is there a Gossip Girl or a Gossip Boy? Exactly! I thought of this yesterday!

Have you ever thought that tere might not be a girl witch is hiding behind the Gossip Girl mask? Yeah, I mean exactly what you're thinking!
Is Tyler hiding behind Gossip Girl's mask?

Who knows?



Love Triangle

Everybody's talking about Emma-Vanessa and Ryan! Emma (-inspired-) and Vanessa (Star_Awards) were datind for a long time,
over 6 months secretely, no one knew about their relationship!
But after Vanessa dumped Emma for Ryan (Ryan-Neal),
Emma decided to let everyone know
that Vanessa was Bi Sexual and that
they were in virtual relationship, in revenge!
And Emma is Lesbian...
Now Emma has Vanessa as her "Best Friend",
with the tag "My Ex" !



The Story Of The Free Hot Buy

So so so....Does anyone of you ever wondered the story of the
free Hot Buys shoes? Probably not! Because all of you were so happy about this,
that no one ever thought of this! Well, this is my story about the free shoes:

(Thursday morning Stardoll Office):

-Hey dude! What's Up?
-Hey "Mike".You look good!
-Yeah today is my B-day you know!
-Shut up!Happy B-day bro!
-Yeah and I was thinking...
-What?A party?
-No no...What about a big surprise for all those members?
They log in everyday dude! What about a gift?
-Hmmm...Sounds good!
-Yeah, and as today is my B-day and I'm happy I want to give them a gift!
-Ok...Have you thought anything?
-I heard Ashley in her office a while ago, saying that today they're gonna release the new Hot Buys Shoes!
-Whose guys whould be so happy if we gave them a free Hot Buys!
-Bro this is an awesome idea!
-I know dude!
-Should we talk to Callie about that?
-Sure!And then I'm gonna buy a drink for all of you here!
-That's great! Lets talk to Callie!

Well, this was just my story!!



(thx to the



Hot Buys

ere comes another Hot Buy in a reasonable prise.
The Hot Buys Full Skirt came out today!

I have to say that it's a pretty skirt! And as you can see the pics are from